IZŠTEKANIH 10: Sounds of Slovenia


Val 202 radio and the show Izštekani (“Unplugged”) will once again mark the end of the year with their traditional manifestation Izštekanih 10, this year titled Sounds of Slovenia. On 6th December at 8PM, Kino Šiška will host over twenty top Slovenian musicians and just as many prominent Slovenian vocal soloists. In the renewed, refreshed, unusual, unexpected, unplugged-to-the-max performances, you will hear numerous famous Slovenian songs of recent years. FB event>

Sounds of Slovenia is an endeavour that Slovenian musicians first put together eight years ago, at the end of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. More than two dozen musicians dressed up Slovenian folk tunes in modern, energetic, urban arrangements and performed some remarkable concerts, as well as released the album Sounds of Slovenia (Celinka, 2014). For this year’s Izštekanih 10, they will do something similar with contemporary Slovenian pop songs – those which will one day pass into folklore as well. Artistic director, multi-instrumentalist and composer Janez Dovč has gathered a diverse group of musicians: bassist Jani Hace, guitarist Robi Pikl, drummer Sergej  Randjelović (all members of Elevators and many other bands), the multi-talented Boštjan Gombač, tuba player Goran Krmac, the versatile Klemen Kotar, the brass section, string musicians Barja Drnovšek and Bojan Cvetrežnik and other members of Symbolic Orchestra, legendary percussionist Nino Mureškič, members of the group Jararaja … and many others, the list is far from final.

The vocalists that will take the mic include Rudi Bučar, Matevž Šalehar – Hamo, Maja Pihler – Bilbi, Eva Hren, Vesna Zornik of Katalena, Ana Bezjak, Metod Banko, Nika Perunović of Patetico, the female vocal group Katice, Bort Ross, Saša Vipotnik of Neomi, Brina Vogelnik, Aleš Hadalin, Nejc Sajovic and Jaša Hedžet, Uroš Buh, Jan Tomšič and others. And the repertoire? Let’s keep that a secret for now – all we can tell you is that it will consist of songs by the participating singers, many of which have been selected as the song of the week at Val 202, so they certainly sound familiar. Well, not in the new and exclusive Izštekanih 10 renditions …

Izštekanih 10: Sounds of Slovenia is the fourth edition of the December stock-taking in front of an audience as part of the Izštekani show on Val 202 radio. After the celebration of the show’s bicentennial in 2013, titled Izštekanih 20, which also featured string musicians from the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, the name Izštekanih 10 stuck. In 2014, the RTV Slovenia Big Band participated in the event, while in 2015, members of the Symbolic Orchestra joined the festivities. Each year the opulent three-hour concert featured over 70 musicians, all of it recorded by TV Slovenija, with the creator and host of the show, Jure Longyka, serving as master of ceremonies.

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